Plastic molding from the manufacturer and partnership with us

Potential cooperation with Dart Molding provides options such as a partnership as an authorized dealer and a partnership as a wholesale buyer.

We make significant investments in providing quality products and service at the appropriate level, therefore we expect our partners to share our views.

Our offer will be interesting for:

  • — molding workshops;
  • — manufacturers of photo frames;
  • — mirror workshops;
  • — entrepreneurs who understand the needs and trends of the market and want to build a successful business.

Working with us you get:

  • — a reliable manufacturer;
  • — a wide range of products: more than 100 models of plastic moldings and related products;
  • — information support: advice from experienced dealers, designers and other employees of the company;
  • — quality product, confirmed by customer loyalty;
  • — exchange of management experience with partners of the company;
  • — confidence in the products of our brand from customers in many countries;
  • — constant updating of the assortment and improvement of the manufactured products in accordance with world trends in design and the wishes of customers;
  • — availability of goods in the warehouse;
  • — timely processing of orders;
  • — stable supplies.